Come on bro! as part of Unboxing: masculinities at Hochschule Osnabrücke

Live performance
7 hours
30. January. 2021 12:00-19:00 (GMT +1 time)
As part of “Unboxing: masculinities” at Hochschule Osnabrücke
Can be watched from the Festival’s web platforms

7 hours-long drag-king performance Come on bro!, is an investigation of manhood’s body gestures and movements with the reference of Zeybek dance which is a folkloric dance from Aegean region. The name comes from guerilla fighthers of the region lived between 17 – 20 centuries: Zeybeks. They fighted with a vengeance against non-muslim forces during the Turkish War of Independence and since then, they have seen as nationalist heroes. The strictly gendered dance indicates man’s bravery and valor, contains some space holding movements, gives a eagle/hawk shape to man body. Some version of Zeybek contains also a female dancer who dances always delicately and acts like maintaining man’s space with a continuous watching the man. Today it is performed in many ceremonies at the region (including military ceremonies).

Taking the folkloric Zeybek dance, the dance which has been one the references of the Turkish Republic as a starting point, in Come on bro! Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu questions the lines between gender and imitation, the body and performativity as well as the relationships between nationalism and masculinity.

With the curatorial support of Performistanbul International Performance Art Platform

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