hanım hanımcık, leman sevda darıcıoğlu, space debris, queer sanat,
Photos by Derin Cankaya

Live performance
90 min.
Space Debris art gallery

Ladylike is an experiment on female gender representation. Stemming from the idea of ‘We do only have our bodies to represent’ Leman S. Darıcıoğlu question the relationship between the space and gender. Thinking about the questions such are “Does the spaces have a gender / does the gender have a space?”, “How does gender work on a space?”, “What does it mean to present a body?”, Darıcıoğlu attempts to an experiment in order to gendering the space and spacing the gender performance.

The artist wearing a peignoir and a blond wig starts by writing her* feelings and thoughts about the moment on her* diary while lying on a bed. A while later, she* shaves her* leg’s hair and starts to doll up. She* takes off her* peignoir and dress some “lady clothes”, make a “lady make-up”. She* sits on the bed and looks to the audience in the eyes with a “lady smile” and ogles. After looking at everybody in the eyes for a while, she* takes off her* clothes fully, lies down on the bed and puts some strawberries over her* genital area and a whipped cream on a cup on her* belly.