waiting I

Photos by Arzu Kıraner

Live performance
2 hours
International Performance Art Week, Warehouse9, Copenhagen
Curated by Emma Møller, Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Jørgen Callesen
21 April

The artist sits in the middle of the room above a fabric spread some dead and about-to-die flowers. They have 14 needles inserted in their body which are tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling. Every time someone passed by the backside door, they prickle a needle to their leg. After a 2-hours long performance they take off the 33 needles from their leg, put them through the fabric they are sitting on, and leave the space.

During the whole time, in which all are allowed except for touching the needles pinned in their body, they establish eye contact with the audience from time to time, and they sometimes sway in small circles, allowing themself to release their body back and forth very softly, as much as they could with the limitation of the ropes and the needles.

series performances deal with “liminal” stages where life is unable to be lived but still alive biologically which Giorgio Agamben describes in his theoretical book entitled “Homo sacer”.