who has come who has gone

Photos by Levent Başaçık

6 days, 2 hours a day
as part of Dream Pavillion performance program, in “Unexpected Territories”, TÜYAP Contemporary Art Fair, ARTIST 2016.

Leman S. Darıcıoğlu, on a rug where she* puts the photos of trans people who are murdered and committed suicide, reads the text she* gathered on news about murders and suicides and the perpetrators’ testimonies that are collected through the lawyers of LGBTI+ movement. After each death news, she* prickles a needle and one golden butterfly on her* legs.

who has come who has gone is an effort to bring into existence of the loss of what is not let to live and to building a temple for those who died because of hate and also an outcry that tries to mirror the normative world’s own mess to its face.