There’s an ocean between us

Photos: Derin Cankaya

Live performance
7 hours
Apartment Project, Berlin
With the curatorial support of Performistanbul
28 July

There is an ocean between us addresses the newly arising definitions for distance, limitation, intimacy and borders stemming from the COVID-19 crisis. Shifting significance of proximity and remoteness, pushing and bending the idea of interhuman connection are the ideas behind the performance which are taking their references from the impacts of the pandemic.

During the performance, Leman Darıcıoğlu, placing her* hand to the window, stands still behind the window for 7 hours while the performance space is locked and the audience is invited to watch the performance from the outside. This usage of window has served to the artist to interlace her* own body’s image with the outside. By the reflection, the street and its daily dynamics have articulated to the image that the artist builds through her* body.

Thanks to Bengisu Çağlayan, Selda Asal, Hasan Aksaygın, Melih Sarıgöl, Derin Cankaya and Emre Birişmen.