Apartment 52

Curated by Tuba Kocakaya and Lara Lakay
Between 26 April – 14 May 2021
Nemlizade sok. 52 Yeldeğirmeni Istanbul

From the curators’ text:

THE APARTMENT lat. ‘appartire’ {apart, to separate, divide up}

In his short story “A Bird With One Wing”, Yaşar Kemal tells the story of the characters who set out for that town, which, because of its desolateness and its poetic mystery, can never be reached. Those who run into each other en route somehow create an intertwined road narrative and ask Cassin’s absolute question to the reader: “When are you home*, where, with whom?”
The desire to knit the shattered pieces, to heal what the system has destroyed and will continue to do so. Meeting the modern hero, who divides the communal texture of life into pieces and rooms: the “Apartment”. In this diary made of concrete, forging a bond without ownership, with objects and breathing things alike. Relating to things through touch, sight and speech. The other side of the mirror…
“The only things that truly exist is your walk and your gaze; gravitating towards something and passing it by… Only and only your gaze which remembers the play of light and shape that happens everywhere – in your eyes, on the ceiling, on your feet, in the sky, inside your cracked mirror, on water and stone, among crowds.” (A Man Asleep, Georges Perec, Metis Pub., 2016)
While the dubious potion of modernity, in efforts to preserve itself, buries life into concrete, we are busy digging back the cluttered pieces and looking for the magic wand which will give life again in a way that will enable us to live together. We have to be determined to invent a language for this new spell – new words and new phrases.
You will weave all our togetherness fragments that appear and disappear suddenly, like an ancestral shaman whom you’ve always known. You will bring us together. Only together can we raise our houses again.
Not a barbarian who designs the new by stepping on the old, but a city protagonist who will bring together all the ages that have been and will be. The ultimate flaneur.
How would we live together again if we woke up somewhere else today?
Refusing the given, a being that forms its own meaningful relationships. A mass meeting, a ritual so that our togetherness is blessed.
Because where you are is my home.