photos by arzu kıraner.

2 hours.
the artist residency project in international performance art festival 18, curated by emma møller, gritt uldall-jessen, jørgen callesen, warehouse9, copenhagen, denmark.

i sat in the middle of the room above a fabric spread some dead and about-to-die flowers. i had 14 needles inserted in my body which were tied to ropes hanging from the ceiling. every time some one passed by the backside door, i stabbed my leg with a needle. after a 2-hours long performance i took off the 33 needles in my leg, put them through the fabric i was sitting on, and left the venue.

during the whole time, in which all was allowed except for touching the needles pinned in my body, i established eye contact with the audience from time to time, and i sometimes moved in small circles, allowing myself to release my body back and forth very softly, as much as i could with my limitation of being tied to my surroundings by needles.