waiting II: darağaç

photos by ali cem doğan, seda özaltan.

waiting II: darağaç
live performance for 24-hour.
as part of darağaç public art exhibition.
umur bey district, izmir, 5 october 2018.

an invitation to the neighbourhood to witness my own 24-hour and open myself to the neighbourhood 24-hour.

waiting II: darağaç questions the notion of waiting understood both as a verb and a noun, while also exploring the concepts of belonging and connectivity in relation to the opening of an foreigner office in the neighbourhood in the last mounths, where the syrians and all the refugees in izmir wait during week time all the days long to have their permanant ids or to sign to prove that they’re residing in the city.

having recently performed waiting at warehouse9 in copenhagen, waiting II turns waiting into a series about “liminal” stages where life is unable to be lived but is sustained biologically which giorgio agamben descripes in his theorical book entitled homo sacer.


i tied myself to a tree from one of my feet by a rope for 2-3 meters and stayed there for 24 hour. while finalizing the performance i did an ending ritual with horseshoe, candles and sage. at the end of 24 hour i nailed the horseshoe to the wall in front of the foreigner office.