surrounded by water

Photos by Julia Sterre Schmitz

Live performance
4 hours
FUTURE RITUAL, Kunstraum, London
Curated by Joseph Morgan Schofield
28 September

Leman S. Darıcıoğlu describes surrounded by water as a ritual between the past and the future, between the scar and the wound, between life and death, between the dark and the light. 

The performance starts in a space where there’s a square black fabric spread in the middle of the ground. In 4 corners of the fabric there are 4 bowls full of water and between the sides there are some natural materials that the artist collected from the streets of London. Above each bowl there is one red rose hanged from the celling with a transparent nylon thread. In the walls of the spaces there are transparent plastic bags full of water hanged with transparent nylon threads. In the window side of the space there’s a mirror lean to the wall between two windows.

Darıcıoğlu does a series of actions (some in repetition); such are getting into contact with the black fabric, standing on toes, prickling needles, carrying the water bags by holding the nylon threats while standing on toes, bleeding into the water bowls, cutting out all the water bags, watching the water spreading,  cutting the roses from their nylon threats, spilling the waters to the wall.