“philia: a family emancipated from the blood ties.” deleuze

Bandages are used for breast binding and acquiring a flat chest in transgender experience. They are mostly used by trans men, drag kings and transgender people.

philia is the outcome of a mutual experience in which bodies collide in, bind and attach to each other; and borders are gradually transgressed. It is an 8 hours long experience of nudity, touching, tactility, convergence, intimacy. Being outside the norms of sex and sexuality “ties” this family.

The video has born out of questions such as: Can we share the experience of binding our breasts which is a very intimate part of our daily life? If so how can we practice it? How does the presence of the camera and coming out to the “public” affect the safe space we want to create?

It opens up with the images of flat chested, ambiguously gendered people, signifying that binding is part of transgender life. Then, performers start to undress and they bind their chests together. In the bonds of philia; desire, “siblinghood”, incest and trust follows a queer-transvestite path of solidarity. While the stripes of bandages “bind” the bodies, the camera turns into a site of binding, and travels among the bodies which blend-combine-disintegrate.