new piece: waiting II: darağaç in public art exhibition darağaç III

the artist will take part in the darağaç exhibition on  october 5, at 5:00 pm with her 24-hour-long new performance waiting II: darağaç.

the Darağaç exhibition, taking place for the third time this year, is organized by the artists living and working on umur bey street in the alsancak halkapınar district. while the participants in the first edition of darağaç consisted only of artists living in the neighbourhood, this year the exhibiton welcomes a number of “guests” to participate. invited to take part by the initative, the artist invites the neighbourhood to witness her 24-hour performance. waiting II: darağaç questions the notion of waiting understood both as a verb and a noun, while also exploring the concepts of belonging and connectivity in relation to the opening of an immmigration office in the neighbourhood in the last year.

having recently performed waiting at warehouse9 in copenhagen, the artist’s second performance turns waiting into a series about “liminal” stages where life is unable to be lived but is sustained biologically.

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