looking after a rose in needed: you

the artist will perform a new performance project, “looking after a rose” for 28 days without interval as a part of “needed: you. 24×28=672 hours of live process” in performistanbul live art research space.


date: 16 february – 16 march 2018 (straight 672 hours, without interval)
venue: performistanbul live art research space, istanbul.
address: hacımimi mah. dibek sok. no: 32 galata / beyoğlu, istanbul
map: http://bit.ly/2rcıwax

international performance art platform in turkey to bring performance artists together, performistanbul presents needed: you, a long durational live process that will last for 28 days and 672 hours straight with no intervals to be held between 16 february – 16 march 2018.

curated by simge burhanoğlu, 10 performance artists will present 9 performances within the live process, between 16 february and 16 march 2018. the performances invite us to a live process, presenting transparently all stages of a performance. it is an existential invitation, aiming to encourage the audience to find their own state of mind where the audience and the artists nourish each other mutually and make the audience realise their strength, value and the crucial role they have in the process.

the aim is to reveal the raw material of humanity; to remind the most primitive feelings in us. we believe we can trigger transformation by a long durational work and that’s why we are presenting not a resolution but the process itself. our objective is to have the audience involved in the process and live a mutually nourishing, pure experience. we would like the audience to enter the door unbiased; find a place of their own and feel valuable.

batu bozoğlu
ebru sargın
ekin bernay
gülhatun yıldırım
ısmail ata doğruel
leman sevda darıcıoğlu
özlem ünlü
selin kocagöncü

curator: simge burhanoğlu

for detailed information:

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