hello, i’m leman, a woman artist from..

hello, i’m leman, a woman artist from turkey
mixed media installation: 1 handmade notebook, 1 printed notebook, 1 video performance
istanbul, 2017.

‘hello i’m leman, a woman artist from turkey’, which i created for the ‘asian women artists exhibition’, is an installation, in which i question the identity classifications that are carved on us. the installation, that roots from the idea that sex and national identity categories are carved on our very bodies, consists of a video performance named the same and two notebooks. my hand-made notebook, on which i stitched, what reads as ‘a woman artist from turkey’, (also named as “a woman artist from turkey”), while inducing a transition between ‘performance’ and ‘the diary of the body, desire, loveand transformation’, and at the same time whispering, that identities are formed by a gathering and a performative repetition, ‘the diary of the body, desire, love, and transformation’ puts forward a state of existence beyond assigned identities through a confidential narrative. the spine of this narrative -as it is understandable from its name- is made of sex, gender, sexuality, desire, body and transformation on the self through them.