Photo by Francesca Carol Rolla

A trio: Sandra Stonionyte, Joseph Morgan Schofield and me
A collaboration developed over ten days during “DIS-SENSUS”
under the tutorship of VestAndPage and Andrigo&Aliprandi
Venice International Performance Art Week Summer Class 2019*
C32 Performing Arts Work Space
Venice, Italy
June 2019

We performed a number of collaborative ritual actions, each surprised and thrilled by the trust and sensitivity of the others. Memories, desires and impulses bled together, sharing stories of hope and loss. Caring for the others.

Photo by Francesca Carol Rolla

we’re coming from three totally different countries 
(Sandra living in Amsterdam, from Lithuania 
Joseph from London, 
me from Turkey), 
even though our memories are not suitable to remember everything
we carry all the past and current stories of geographies we passed by in our bodies 
as the burdens on our shoulders, our chests, 
we bleed, we fall, we walk on our balls of our feets, we burn
we, memory, flesh, blood, feets, shoulders, queer bodies, burdens, targets, histories, losses, borders, 
can we fly free?

Photo by Francesca Carol Rolla
Photo by Francesca Carol RollaPhoto by Francesca Carol Rolla
Photo by Francesca Carol Rolla
Photo by Francesca Carol Rolla

non-normative desire (not sexual at all), wish to create a new way of connections, building bridges between “us” as three from three different cultural societies and geographies and suffering from their histories.

* Leman S. Darıcıoğlu’s participation to VIPAW 2019 has been possible with the support of Faruk Sade Art Grant.