Complete Incomplete

Photos by Gülbin Eriş

Live performance
1 month: 6 days a week,  6 hours a day
Curated by Performistanbul
B2 House, Büyükhüsun Village, Çanakkale, Turkey
1-31 August
With the cooperation of Performistanbul and Bilsart 

“This house is not in a state that wants to be ‘completed’ but rather claims its incompleteness. It is not the pursuit of infinite transparency of the person towards the other, endless union with the other, endless sharing, endless shopping. It calls upon the person to content oneself with what is at hand and to look at the sky, the sea, the tree, the soil, and stand still. So desire here does not seek its impossible missing object, it lives what is in itself.”


In Complete Incomplete the artist questions the effects of unpredictability and repetition. Each day, they start their performance by throwing a six-faced-dice and the dice determines what they will do throughout the day. Each symbol on the dice points to a different action that the artist had set. 

The 6 actions which were choosen by the artist:
– Sitting in the little stone-house (which the artist is constructed with the masons of the village)
– Carrying one little stone
– Counting
– Reading some excepts of Sappho poems selected by the artist
– Washing the hands with water
– (If the artist is alone) “Waiting without waiting” / (if some one comes and sits in front of the chair she placed) Offering to share secrets 

Taking its starting point from the architecture of B2 House which is made by the architect Han Tümertekin, Complete Incomplete form its main frame by questioning openness – closeness of human-being towards theirself and the others, the desire for remaining with the self and, the acceptance of the deficiency of human-being who is always incomplete. All the actions has been chose according to the house architecture and its relationship with its environment or the dynamics of the environment itself.

Due to the house position in a North Aegean village, far from city center the performance brings also into questions the notion of isolation and the exhaustion related to its duration.

The performance had been boradcasted live at Bilsart Istanbul and Performistanbul Youtube channel (in the closed days of Bilsart).