collective performance: come home – home IV

photos: lorenza cini

come home – home IV
collective performance opera
palazzo mora, venice, it
16 december 2017
curated and tutored by vestandpage, venice international performance art week “co-creation live factory – prologue 1”, curated by francesca carol rolla and vestandpage.

​i am the crack. i open up, so the water can pass. these stones are parts of the scars of the crevasses of the ancestral territory.
i am nothing. i am who i am. i am everything. i am not ’we’. i am not speaking out anybody else’s truth. i am a body that is by nature radical, digging to the roots. i am an entry point, as my story is your story, and i am many. i am not just one body.
cracks have opened so water flows. life is a minefield where we go beyond the simple action to honor the issue.
and what do we want to create from here? we are standing. we are never on solid ground. we continue. all we have to do is a simple act.
and all of the knowledge that is in the space is what we are together. no one shall be afraid of their truth.
would you stand with me, and hold my hand?

by and with sylvie barbier, stefan biere, madeleine virginia brown, james thomas bullimore, bruno camargo, don chow, leman sevda darıcıoğlu, erin devine, samira engel, julha franz, marisa garreffa, ria jade hartley, paola kodra, marie künne, gerhard liska, nancy gewolb mayanz, ashley-louise mcnaughton, yuan mor’o ocampo, daniela francesca lillo olivares, eva pyrnokoki, daiane rafaela, enok ripley, jewel a rob, sara simeoni, marcel sparmann, alex spyke, alex talamo and vestandpage