calculus of mouth

photos by Mohosin Kabir, Mohammad Safkat Khan.

live performance for 6 hours.
as a part of performance art pavilion “live stream” in asia art biennale bangladesh 2018.
curated by mahburur rahman.
shilpakala academy, dhaka.
5 september 2018.

sotto voce;

“can we clean the history; can we forget what our eyes have seen, our ears have heard; can we clean ourself from the dirt of being still witness in this age of infinite ordinary evilness; can we lick, choke down, digest what is remained in our bodies after all we absorb; can we really absorb what has going on and can we still be ourself with all these unspokens, hidden truths; can we see ourself in this black out; can we…”

a corporeal research on history, memory and testimony/witness on the basis of the one which cannot be spoken about, which cannot find a tongue, which stays in silence, in dark. An investigation for cleaning history and giving visibility to the invisible.


filling my mouth with pepple stones I got into contact with the broken mirrors which were shaped as a long rectangle in the center of the space. I walked above, threw up, sat on, lied on that broken mirrors. kept the pebble stones in my mouth for 6 hours and finished by reading a little text written by me.