photos by serkan yıldırım

Aksanat Contemporary Artist exhibition
Curated by Hasan Bülent Kahraman

A performative installation, .behind is a space to contact what has disappeared. It was born from the need to re-handle grief, hand-in-hand with Butler as we go through this period of massacres, living in the temporality “from one attack to another”.

Loss creates a distortion in time through engaging with what is no longer present, freezing the time to an extent. after intense incidents of violence and loss grief is necessary for healing, however grief is political and both mainstream and opposing political discourse shape which life is “grievable”. The ruling power only memorializes certain deaths in case they support their discourse, whereas opposing voices exclude grief from the limits of politics, positioning it as a disempowering emotion and proposing rage instead. However grief is the only way of reconnecting with life after loss.