Complete Incomplete: video screening and talk

Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu
(In collaboration with Performistanbul and Bilsart)

Bilsart Art Talks – Performance Archive Video Screening and Interview

Speakers: Simge Burhanoğlu, Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Gülbin Eriş, Azra İşmen

Bilsart had hosted the live broadcast of Leman S. Darıcıoğlu’s performance “Complete Incomplete” –taking place at the B2 house with the curatorship of Performistanbul– on August 01-31, 2019.

Following the screening of the performance documentation video for the first time on Wednesday, December 25 at 18:30, the artist Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu will give a talk with the curators Simge Burhanoğlu and Azra İşmen from Performistanbul together with Gülbin Eriş, who has provided the documentation of the process. The talk will be open to the audience. The artist will talk about the creation process and the content of “Complete Incomplete” including her experience of the performans throughout the 1-month-period, while the other speakers will share their experiences on the issues of performance curation and documentation and open a discussion on the performance process.

Creating by Getting Touch With Your Truth workshop on 13-14-15 September at Circuit Istanbul

13 September | 18.00 – 20.00
14 – 15 September | 13.00 – 18.00
250 TL Students 180 TL

Practical Details
The only requirement for this workshop is the desire to work with the body,not having the experience of working with the body before.
It is recommended to wear comfortable and warm clothes and bring a shawl.
It is definitely not recommended to take part in the full stomach.
A notebook and a pen should be brought to the workshop.
Participants are advised to attend all two days and it is important not to be late for group dynamics and to be in the venue 15 minutes before the workshop time.
Mobile phones and watches will be collected before the workshop.
Participants will receive a preparation directive 1 week before the workshop (late enrolled participants at least 4 days).
The workshop makes real with a minimum of 4 participants.
Registrations are closed 4 days before the workshop.
For registry, you must deposit half of the fee to the account given to you after your email.
For account details and registration:

We will investigate working with body from the perspective of our inner truth, our own needs, necessities and urgencies.
The duration of the workshop is 3 days and 12 hours.
Within our personal spiritual journeys we will look at our inner contact, self realisations and breaking off habits.
If art is not only a subject of aesthetics but also about creating a language then we can investigate ways of creating it not solely through conceptual frames but also through authenticity and inner necessities. During this workshop we will question how to create sincerely.
The participants who are interested in developing their existing performance projects and also in creating new projects will be supported during the workshop.

Leman Darıcıoğlu who has made many performances in Turkey, Europe and Asia, led many performance workshop and taken of many through experienced performance artists. After had participated Cleaning The House workshop held by Marina Abramovic Institute, between 2018 – 2019 the artist who focused morely on working on pshycal and emotional limits of the body had taken the Cleaning the House workshop twice on 2018 and 2019. She/They* had created and led “How deep is so true, How true is so deep” workshop in many city at Istanbul, Çanakkale and Lisbon.

The artist had given “Creating by Getting in Touch with Your Own Truth” workshop firstly in Nesin Art Village at Şirince, Izmir on june 2019. The artist who had worked with the performance duo VestAndPage on 2017 and 2019 with her/their participation of Venice International Performance Art Week, has created “Creating by Getting in Touch with Your Own Truth” workshop with the inspiration of the duo’s approach on performance art generally and specifically by stemming from their approach to performance art as creating a live image of your own urgencies.

* Pronoun has always been an issue for the artist who has identified her/their self as non-binary.

Complete Incomplete at B2 House in Büyükhüsun Village, Çanakkale. Live broadcast at Bilsart Art Space and Performistanbul Youtube Channel.

Complete Incomplete
Leman S. Darıcıoğlu

Date: 1-31 August 2019
Time: 12.00-18.00
Performance Days: Monday – Saturday
Venue: B2 House, Büyükhüsun Köyü (Village), Ayvacık, Çanakkale
Live broadcast of the performance: Bilsart, Evliya Çelebi Mahallesi, Kıblelizade Sk. No:5/A Beyoğlu, Istanbul
Performistanbul Youtube Channel

Performistanbul – in collaboration with Bilsart, brings performance art to the Aga Khan Award- winning B2 House.

With the curatorship of Performistanbul, Bilsart will host the live broadcast of Leman S. Darıcıoğlu’s performance titled Complete Incomplete –taking place at the B2 house– between August 01-31, 2019.

Within the scope of the project, realized with the cooperation of Bilsart and Performistanbul, the Aga Khan Award-winning B2 House features a long-term performance for the first time and opens its doors to the audience via Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu. The performance will be broadcasted live at Bilsart’s venue, which is in a completely different city and focused on video art, in Performistanbul Youtube Channel in order to meet the audience at different locations.
Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, who spent her/their last year with a notion of endless repetition and a boundary study on feelings of exhaustion and impossibility, is carrying these notions that she/they has/have studied for a year via her/their performance that will last for 6 hours a day and 6 days a week throughout the month of August at the B2 House located in the village of Büyükhüsun, Ayvacık. The performance sprouts from the architecture of the B2 House and invites its audience to question exposure, open(ness) and close(ness), and the desire for self-sufficiency and the acceptance of the deficiency of human-being who is always incomplete.

“This house is not in a state that wants to be ‘completed’ but rather claims its incompleteness. It is not the pursuit of infinite transparency of the person towards the other, endless union with the other, endless sharing, endless shopping. It calls upon the person to content oneself with what is at hand and to look at the sky, the sea, the tree, the soil, and stand still. So desire here does not seek the impossible missing object, it lives what is in itself.”
Leman S. Darıcıoğlu

Performistanbul Youtube Channel Live Broadcast Dates:
 5 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
10 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
12 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
13 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
14 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
15 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
16 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
17 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
19 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
26 August 2019 12pm – 6pm
30 Ağustos 2019 12pm – 6pm

How to access B2 House?

Büyükhüsun village where B2 House is located, is in 10 minutes distance to Ayvacık, Çanakkale. The transportation can be done with taxis and minibuses from Ayvacık (the office written Behramkale-Assos is for minibuses, next to Metro Seyahat agency).
From Edremit airport, you can use Küçükkuyu shuttle, then take taxi or minibus to Ayvacık bus terminal.
For more information please call Eylül Deniz Ergun from Performistanbul: +90 537 794 82 61

For detailed info:

Art, Body, Space workshop at Nesin Art Village between 24 – 30 June

This programme will be delivered by two artists working in the fields of dance and performance (Aslı Bostancı and Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu) along with two curators and academics (Livia Alexander and Charlotte Kent). At the Visual Lies Studio that takes place in the first week (16 – 23 June) of the program, there will be theoretical and practical exercises as well as mind opening discussions on our perception, comprehension, and production of images. On the second week (24 – 30 June), the programme will take a direction towards soundbody practices as well as improvisation and performance areas, and provide an intensive study on use of body in artistic practices.

For detailed info:

In Venice International Performance Art Week 2019

Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu has been selected to Venice International Performance Art Week Summer Class 2019, entitled Dis-Sensus. The 10 days long intensive workshop is part of educational program of VIPAW and it is going to be lead by performance duos VestAndPage and Andrigo & Aliprandi between the dates 5th-14th June at C32 in Venice.

A final presentation of the performances are going to take place on 14th June at C32.

For detailed info:

* The artist participation to VIPAW 2019 has been possible with the support of Faruk Sade Art Grant.


The artist’s short video of her 6 hour performance took place in 18th Asia Biennale Bangladesh and her little installation is going to be exhibited in Santralistanbul Energy Museum as part of SHHH…! exhibition coordinated by Derya Yücel. The exhibition is open to publice between 9 – 17 May. The opening is in 4pm, 9th May.

For detailed info about the exhibition:

Cleaning The House workshop held by Marina Abramovic Institute

The artist will be in Marina Abramovic Institute’s Cleaning The House workshop for the second time, led by artist Paula Garcia between 21-26 April to have Abramovic method which is developed by Marina Abramovic since 80s for preparing the body for long-durational performances.

Thanks to Performistanbul and my dear funder for their support.

A friendship Laboratory on Challenge and Transformation in International Performance Art Festival at Warehouse9, Copenhagen.

A friendship laboratory on transformation and challenge is a long durational performance project stemming from the artists personal story. In their journey for around 10 years, Pınar and Leman put an effort to create non hegemonic and non normative spaces and relations in all they’ve been into. They have questioned ethics, politics and aesthetics, thought about death, life, wounds and vulnerability, talked about love, sexuality, the body and becoming, organised several queer events in Istanbul queer scene and translated and published some queer books as part of a queer books series, Queer Düş’ün they’ve been in the advisory team since 2012 in Sel Publishing House. When IPAF’s invitation has came to Leman, they were working on a new writing about friendship and it gave birth to the idea of taking their friendship for creating a laboratory to dig into their inner self, facilitated by their connection.

A friendship laboratory on transformation and challenge is a research of the transformative and healing effect of intimacy and connection. The performance gets its inspiration from a curiosity about taking friendship from its habitat and examining the friends in an experimental environment. It works on two layers: While the artists are putting their inner selves under the scope to wander on their depths, simultaneously they invite the audience to observe their connection and their way of being and affecting each other. During taking part of this laboratory, Leman is going to take mainly her physical body and Pınar is going to take mainly her voice body as a tool. Their roles and states will be interpenetrated between each other and they will investigate to create an emotional body together.

Language: Non-Verbal & English
Duration: 30 hours – 10 hours per day, over 3 days
Practical: Audiences can come and go as they please.
Access: The room that this performance takes place in is a historic stable room, with uneven flooring and cobble stones. For more information on access to this specific performance, contact us directly. All other Warehouse9 rooms have even flooring.