photo: alp esin

b. izmir, 1985.

i’m a performance artist based in istanbul. i mainly produce in the field of performance art but also i (rarely) produce work in other media like installation and video. i see the process of making art as a performative research on theself and i use the work as a tool to transform my limits and my subjectivity. i view the body as a resource to be unravelled; as a laboratory of emotions, fears and limits; and as an intensity space of encounters. i  believe in the power of the present and the touch. if and when i need to define myself as an artist, i choose to use the ‘queer artist’ title. my take of ‘queer’ does not only refer to an area beyond heterosexuality and binary sex, but also to a space beyond normativity itself.

i have been in the advisory team of a series of queer theory writings called “queer düş’ün” (queer fantasy/thought) – ongoing since 2012 – and have been the translator of some of the books in the selection, published by sel publishing house. i also edited and compiled a queer theory book called “queer temaşa” (queer contemplation/spectacle), also published as part of the series, again through sel publishing house (2016).

i was a member of istanbul queer art collective between 2014-2017.

i pursued a queer collaborative performance project called “fuckmekitty” between 2016-2017.

since 2017, i continue my performance work as an artist of the international performance art platform performistanbul.

* for more detail, please contact with me.