Photo: Alp Esin

1985, Izmir. Currently based in Istanbul.

Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu produces mostly in the field of performance art but interested also in other disciplines like installation, video, photography etc. Darıcıoğlu considers the process of making art as a performative research on ‘the-self’. They*contextualize their* artistic practice as a corporal research on the different issues questioned with each work. They* take the body as a resource to be unraveled; as a laboratory of emotions, fears, and limits; and as intensity space of encounters. If and when they* need to define them*selves as an artist, they* prefer the ‘queer artist’ title. Their* take on ‘queer’ does not only refer to an area beyond heterosexuality and binary sex, but also to a platform beyond normativity as such.

Between 2012-2019, they* were in the advisory team of a collection of queer theory books called Queer Düş’ün [Queer Fantasy/Thought] released by Sel Publishing House. They* are also the translator of a number of books in this collection. They*edited and compiled a book on queer theory called Queer Temaşa [Queer Contemplation/Spectacle] (2016), also published by Sel Publishing House, as a part of the same collection.

They* were a member of Istanbul Queer Art Collectivbetween 2014-2017.
Since 2017, they*ve been represented by Performistanbul international performance platform.

* As a person who doesn’t believe in the gender binary and doesn’t identify themselves under that system Darıcıoğlu choices they/them as their pronoun.