a place to die

Photos by Lorenza Cini

4 hours
Live performance
Under the mentorship of VestAndPage
Venice International Performance Art Week Co-Creation Prologue I
Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy
Curated by Francesco Carol Rolla, VestAndPage
14 December 2017 

I first called the ghosts of the stone. I closed my eyes to the world to look into their eyes.

The artist explains a place to die as “a ritual; a research on&in the body, on&in the place to connect with a place they have been for the very first time, to make it home for a while, to clean it and theirself from the ghosts of the past; a question about geographical & spatial belongings, death & rebirth, power & wound; a seeking for healing; a calling for getting stonger together.”

In a room with a ground that stones are spreading with straggling red rose petals on the artist draws houses by stones. After each stones they prickle needle(s) on their body. After each needles they lay stones down above their body and lie down still for a while. After almost three and half hours first, they carry all the stones with the ones which are drawn as houses in the middle of the room to around the mirror. After lying down on the mirror they lay the stones on their body prickled needles. They light a candle near to their head and put little candles among the stones above the needles for let the audience light.