A friendship Laboratory on Challenge and Transformation in International Performance Art Festival at Warehouse9, Copenhagen.

A friendship laboratory on transformation and challenge is a long durational performance project stemming from the artists personal story. In their journey for around 10 years, Pınar and Leman put an effort to create non hegemonic and non normative spaces and relations in all they’ve been into. They have questioned ethics, politics and aesthetics, thought about death, life, wounds and vulnerability, talked about love, sexuality, the body and becoming, organised several queer events in Istanbul queer scene and translated and published some queer books as part of a queer books series, Queer Düş’ün they’ve been in the advisory team since 2012 in Sel Publishing House. When IPAF’s invitation has came to Leman, they were working on a new writing about friendship and it gave birth to the idea of taking their friendship for creating a laboratory to dig into their inner self, facilitated by their connection.

A friendship laboratory on transformation and challenge is a research of the transformative and healing effect of intimacy and connection. The performance gets its inspiration from a curiosity about taking friendship from its habitat and examining the friends in an experimental environment. It works on two layers: While the artists are putting their inner selves under the scope to wander on their depths, simultaneously they invite the audience to observe their connection and their way of being and affecting each other. During taking part of this laboratory, Leman is going to take mainly her physical body and Pınar is going to take mainly her voice body as a tool. Their roles and states will be interpenetrated between each other and they will investigate to create an emotional body together.

Language: Non-Verbal & English
Duration: 30 hours – 10 hours per day, over 3 days
Practical: Audiences can come and go as they please.
Access: The room that this performance takes place in is a historic stable room, with uneven flooring and cobble stones. For more information on access to this specific performance, contact us directly. All other Warehouse9 rooms have even flooring.


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